Electro-Mechanical Engineering Energy Efficiency/
 Preliminary/Detailed Energy Audit – Facility/Utilities-Steam, Chilled Water, Hot Water, Refrigeration, Compressed Air  HVAC Water/Air Balancing  Chiller Performance Analysis using ClimaCheck  Indoor Air Quality  Power Quality  Grounding Audit  Energy Management System leading to ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency Performance Contracting (EEPC) for Steam, Chilled Water, Hot Water, Refrigeration, Compressed Air & District Cooling System (DCS)  Project Financing  O&M Guaranteed Efficiency  Assistance to comply with RA 11285 (Energy Efficiency Conservation Act of 2019) e.g. CEM/CECO Services
Project Management
Concept and Detailed Design  Procurement Services  As Built  Estimates  Bid Analysis and Assistance in Awarding of Contracts  Contract Administration  Planning and Scheduling  Construction Management  Quality Inspection and Control  Commissioning and Start-up  Feasibility Study/ EIA / ECC
Renewable Energy
 Project Development for Solar Projects  Project Financing  Project Management  O&M
Green Building
 Concept and Detailed Design  As Built  Estimates  Compliance to Philippine Green Building Code  Project Management  Green Building Audit (GREEEN under PGBI and )
Interior Design
Interior Design consultancy  Signed and sealed Interior Design plans  Moodboards, color schemes  3D perspectives and renderings  Procurement (Furniture, appliances, fixtures, accessories)  Quality control of interior design and construction
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